Global Alpha
Multi-Asset Fund Manager

- To deliver superior risk-adjusted returns across the economic cycle in order to create wealth for the long term:
a) via distressed prime residential real estate in major metropolitan centers in G8 countries and
b) traded securities issued by best-of-breed corporate issuers in G8 markets 

- Performance driven: therefore agnostic/ opportunistic about markets, currencies, industries and asset classes as we seek undervalued investment opportunities globally.
- We have an on-the-ground presence in all major time-zones (Asia, Europe and USA)
- Capital allocation is determined by risk-adjusted return (projected yield + capital appreciation), operating within pre-defined liquidity and concentration parameters.
• Long-term investment horizon: focus on structural changes/ fundamental imbalances within economies/ societies.
• We seek sustained growth opportunities by identifying underpriced corporate issuers with pricing power and sustainable competitive advantage in structurally growing sectors.
1) Prime real estate:
- Consistently outperforms most investment classes over a >5 year time horizon.
- High yields and capital appreciation supported by demographic trends (growing, urbanising & ageing population)
- Real estate has been a victim of the global financial crisis and appears 'oversold', offering exceptional value to investors with access to liquidity and cost-efficient finance.
- Real estate leverages the core strengths of Global Alpha's management team.

2) Prime-index equities:
Issuer selection is based on combination of deep-value researchtechnical analysis and live streaming news to monitor key financial and macro-economic developments 
- We employ hedging techniques and active trading to generate alpha and reduce risk. 
- Cost-efficient, secured leverage for yield enhancement.
- Minimum 5-year investment horizon, given relatively illiquid nature, high transaction costs and long gestation period of real estate investment, especially in deals involving planning gain.
- Shareholders' investments are therefore subject to a 5 year 'lock-in' period.
- Firm's Net Asset Value can be volatile due to daily movements in the prices of underlying investments.

- Shravan Sood (CEO) has >30 years' experience as a real estate investor.
- Prior to launching Global Alpha, Shravan was Managing Director, Global Head of Sales for a flagship division of Bank of New York Mellon ($1.7 trillion assets under administration).
- Shravan holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
- All members of GAPL's management team are equity partners, each with >20 years' relevant experience.
- GAPL is a private limited company, incorporated in the United Kingdom.
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