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Global Alpha Limited (GAL) is a property investment club backed by 28 years’ of experience in the real estate industry. GAL offers investments in affordable housing, a segment of the UK housing market experiencing acute, chronic shortfalls.

Founding Partners

Shravan Sood

Shravan Sood

Shravan has been a property investor for 28 years. His professional background is in global financial services, formerly Managing Director, Broker-Dealer Services, at Bank of New York Mellon. He previously worked at JP Morgan and Citi. 

Shravan resides in the UK, but he has lived in five countries. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Sandeep Puri

Sandeep Puri

Sandeep has over 22 years property investment experience. He is a qualified Quantity Surveyor who has worked for national developers. 

In addition to his personal property portfolio, he is co-founder of Shojin Capital, a property investment company, and of Shojin Property partners, an FCA regulated property investment company. Sandeep graduated from the University of Manchester.


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