Corporate Structure

Real estate is an illiquid asset class with high transaction costs, with a minimum required holding period 4 years, with option to extend to 5 years, subject to majority vote.

At end of holding period, company’s assets are independently valued. Investors then offered opportunity to re-invest for a further 4-5 year period, or to “cash out” at pro-rata share of current net asset value.

  • Investments are in project-specific SPV’s: Investors are offered the opportunity (without the obligation) to invest in every upcoming project.
  • Risk profile: Moderate - shares secured on underlying assets of SPV (investment assets + cash - liabilities)

  • Closely-held company: shares are relatively illiquid, with no daily subscription/ redemption i.e. held to maturity
  • Cost per share: £50,000 (minimum subscription)

All shares carry voting rights. Issued in GBP only

  • Net profits, together with realized capital gains, are subject to UK corporation tax (currently 19%).
  • “Skin in the game”: Senior managers invest personal capital in every project
  • No dividend distributions or salaries paid to Directors: all profits re-invested in future real estate projects.

  • Portfolio growth is organic: equity released via refinancing, plus reinvestment of net rental income
  • 40% of each company’s equity is reserved for Executive Directors/ Promoters
  • Investors (third-party shareholders) have pro-rata share of remaining (60%) net assets + retained profits